Oldest archaeological site

Lakhian Jo Daro near Goth Nihal Khoso in Sukkur

District in Pakistan is discovered older than

Mohenjadaro . It would date back 5,500 years

old. But remains of faience mirror factory show that it

may date back to 9000 years old. These mirror

fatory are same as Italian factories. So Pakistan

and Italy have a old relationship.

Some precious and semi precious stones, clay, copper and metals have been found on 22 jan 2009.

This discovery was done by a local university

and the project director who headed 22 member team

has asked for more funds to excavate further. So

it’t the duty of the govt to allocate some funds

 immediately. So wait this discovery will be over in 6 months time.

Let us all go back further to know  more about our

 Indus valley Civilization.

I wish the Project head Ghulam and the team

members to exacavate soon.


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