A Touch of Birth and Death

Hi   just close your eyes and think that you have been informed that your death comes tomorrow. What will you do until your death? You may call everybody whom you love and talk to them and solve any disputes of will and do whatever you might wish to be happy until then. Ok now you have one minute more. How you feel? Ok now one more second. Yes death has come. Now feel how your death was? Sad or Happy one?Oh now again go back to your birth? Now feel the moments of last month inside your Mummy’s uterus. How was it? Remember close your eyes and feel. And now the day has come and you are coming out of this world from the safest place you rested for nine months. Feel out the moments of coming out and first hour after birth. How was it?  Sad or Happy one?  Yeah your birth was painful and terrible one and death a happy one. So had a sad entry and happy exit. Why don’t you feel this basic feeling in you and walk out all through your life?


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