Bermuda grass (Arugampul) and it’s medicinal value

Bermuda grass ( Arugampul) and it’s medicinal value
Bermuda grass’s botanical name is Cynodon dactylon. In Tamil it’s called Arugampul. This grass has deep roots and if you cut it grows again.
For long dated skin disease take a handful of bermuda grass and a small piece of turmeric and grind to smoothe paste and apply this mixture in that area.
To get rid of body weekness and body heat take a mixture of bemuda grass and cow’s butter for 20 to 48 days. Your face too will look glow.
Good for diabetic patients. Drink bermuda grass juice daily morning in empty stomach. Your sugar level will come down.
Take bermuda grass 50 grams and black pepper 35 grams , smash it ,add 50 ml gingelly oil and keep in sunlight for 3 days. Apply this oil in head instead of coconut oil . Eye diseases will be cured and heat will be chased off.
Remedy for White discharge- Take a handful of bermuda grass and Keezharnelli (Phyllanthus niruri -Botanical Name) and add curd to it. Take this mixture in empty stomach. Blood flow will come into control.
Take bermuda grass and pomegranate leaves and boil in water and drink that water for piles, eye , nose and ear defects.
For piles with blood – Take 35 grams of bermuda grass and grind it and heat it and take along with cow’s milk.
For skin rashes grind Bermuda grass and tumeric and apply this paste on whole body for half an hour and take bath.
It’s juice purify’s blood and flush out the toxins out of the body.
Makes the body fit and used for weight loss.


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  1. Nagaraj Says:


    Even i have blogged about Bermuda grass recently.

  2. Paul Ponniah Says:

    Simple and informative, the medicinal properties of Bermuda grass.
    Thank you,
    Paul Ponniah.

  3. Vijayakumar.K Says:

    Very good information, Appreciate the author. thanks

  4. Says:

    were do i get bermuda grass juice in bangalore

  5. V.P.PRABHAKAR Says:

    Arugampul is Arul kodukkumpul. Its wonderful effects on health should be acknowledged by every Indian and stay healthy.

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    That is very interesting, You are an overly skilled blogger.
    I’ve joined your rss feed and look forward to seeking more of your great post. Also, I’ve shared your web site in my social networks

  7. G.Manikandan Says:

    Thanks for the information about arugambul and i will try it.

  8. manoj prabhakar Says:

    ur information made me try it….thanks varnika

  9. RAmesh Says:

    i need bermuda grass powder in mumbai, where did it get ?
    Pls help me

  10. Leanne Says:

    Hello, I enjoy reading through your post. I wanted
    to write a little comment to support you.

  11. Lalitha Says:

    I tried this as I am diabetic and am feeling energetic the whole day. Able to attend to household chores and cooking after I return from work. Amazingly relieved. of my knee pain in just three days. Continuing to drink to loose weight

  12. Bharathi Says:

    Its nice. Can you please send ur valuable updates to my email account?

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